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Ted Bellamy

 A room with a view,
Made for just we two,
We laughed and we talked a while,
We knew what to do -
In Paris or Rome,
We could call it home,
When we shared a room with a view.

But then came that day
When you went away
Left me on my tod again
A poor, rain-soaked miserable sod again -
I walk out in the rain
Try to hide my pain
And forget that you’ve gone away

I think of the good times,
Why were they so few?
I walk down the tramlines
With fuck else to do -
I’ve got nothing to say
‘cept a tired old cliché
You’ll miss me, you’ll miss me someday

The days spent with you
Just gave me the blues
Now what can I do, I’m so stuck on you
I can’t peel off the glue
My thoughts are with you
And what we once knew
When we shared a room with a view

The song it goes on
With a dooby doo doo
That sad refrain rolls into your brain
And never gets through -
You want to be free
But the melody
Lingers on & on like the flu

A room with a view
A cliché or two
Only connect with what you can respect
And that will just do -
I still think of you
And hope that you too
Remember that room with a view

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©Steve Bellamy 2003