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Ted Bellamy

A selection of songs from the last few decades.

The Kindly Ones
For all of us with fond memories of Desert Storm
Dirty Babylon
The first time was so great we just had to go back and savor the disappointment
Petals of Blood This was written in the seventies but the conflicts today are depressingly familiar and often in the same places. It's also a shout-out to Ngugi Wa Thiong'o
Cloak of Fear
We all wear one sometimes
Feeling Insecure
This is about knowing what you want but not knowing if you can really have it. It took another 20 years in my case (and I'm still a bit insecure)
A Room With A View Literary types may be amused that this owes something somewhat tangentially to Howard's End by E.M.Forster, rather than A Room With A View by the same author
Let Me Hail You Written long before The Hours made Virginia Woolf fashionable again. No prizes for guessing the particular novels referenced.
One Day Apparently death is more of a concern once there seems to be less life in front of you than behind you
It's A Mystery More of the same, but with added quantum mechanics.
It Was Good Or was it? I read a lot of science fiction when I was younger, and I still can't understand why we haven't gone to Mars yet. We went to the Moon when I was still a teenager but nowhere since. What happened to reaching out to the stars?
Enumeration Blues /When I Feel Sad From the far-distant rock decade (Leeds 1975 in fact). What were we thinking? Addresses relationship problems and the mind-numbing boredom of traffic census enumeration.
Blue Movie More in the "and easy, too" category, but it was Live at Leeds (somewhere).
Underground Man To paraphrase Frank Z yet again, the band broke up and it looks like we will never play again. So, I tried playing all the parts myself, with mixed results. This song stems from a thought that often occurred to me at the time, that the underground system was better designed for rodents than humans. I still like the lyrics, shame about the guitar solo.