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Ted Bellamy

A (D)---/----/
Life’s a mystery
C - / Em - /
And we just can’t see
G - /C - Em - /
What lies inside the heart
D - / A - /
Of the galaxy

We’ll die and not know

Just where we will go

Our bodies just some cosmic chest for

Our spirits afterglow

Just what is the plot

Of the life you’ve got?

You’re shot into something but

It’s just a random shot

You can make your name

Or just stay in the frame

It’s not just up to you

It’s just a random move

Strangeness & charm
They might do you harm
They might wish you well
And then you bought the farm

Demo version here:

©Steve Bellamy 2011

And wonder what you’ve got
Em - /
And wonder what is not
G - - - -/C - G -/
Sometimes your life is cool
C - - -/ A - - - - /
Sometimes your life is hot

A (D)---/----/
It’s inevitable
C - / Em - /
That you’re going to wind up dead
G - /C - Em - /
Forlorn and dried up at the end
D - / A - /
That’s where your life has led

You’re lost in a beautiful world
A lonely planet on the edge of the sea
The sea of mystery
The glimpse of what might be

Boson & quark
Pass by in the dark
Like a loose remark
Or a walk in the park

On the way to a new frontier
A long long way from here
Don’t wait up for good tidings
Or words of good cheer

From a world beyond
Where we cannot see
There’s an open pond
There’s a wine dark sea.

A sea of mystery
And we just can’t reach
What lies outside the heart
Of the galaxy